What's ASTROGAM about

Press astrology doesn’t make sense?!
Yes, because over 80% of people or 5 out of every 6 are in error of their true zodiac. This is because most traditional systems are in error as to the correct calculation and interpretation of positions and the influence of stars. There are also many myths, political bias and speculations with astrological terms. However, stars, planets and constellations have been there before human cultures and religions. Astronomy is not an invention belonging to someone, astrology is a science in progress.

One finding of this science is that a personal zodiac does not depend on the month of birth --- but depends on exact time, date and place of the event. Did you know this? Or most probably, you have been limited to think astrology is only the press astrology (12 signs and periods) or the traditional methods of various cultures (Egyptian, Hindu, Maya, Greek, Roman, Chineze, etc)?
This is not what astrology is.

We want you to broaden the view of this puzzle and discover astrology as a Science. Astrology is the science of the influence and logistics of the cosmic bodies, into one's personal life, mundane affairs and various points of time and space.

Sidereal calculations make a chart most accurate because the planet's positions are calculated based on where they're observed in the sky (like NASA positions), as opposed to the tropical zodiac or fixed system. They are calculated based on the apparent motion of the Sun through the 12 zodiacal constellations rather than the tropical movement of the Earth around the Sun.
It is evident, that all planets in the Solar family would not relate to Earth's fixed movement, but would relate to the Sun's motion against the fixed constelations, visible from their crust.  

If you have used apps which are not based in Sidereal calculations, or parts of knowledge that tend to generalise the zodiac , you can understand now why descriptions and predictions you obtained do not fit. At best all systems are incomplete. However, the one calculation applicable universally is the Sidereal method.  For example if you would live on Mars or Eris, the calculations and logistics would be different from Earth (centered view) and appropriately adjusted to that timing and location (sidereal view). 

Sidereal astrology maintains the alignment between signs and constellations to allow for the observed precession of equinoxes, whereas tropical system ignores precession. This has caused the two systems, which were aligned around 2,000 years ago, to drift apart over the centuries. So that as of 2020, sun signs calculated using the Sri Yukteswar ayanamsa were around 23 degrees behind tropical sun signs. Per these calculations, people would have almost one sign difference. For example, if born between March 12 - April 12, a person would have the correct solar sign (astronomical possition of the Sun) in Pisces.  By contrast, people born between March 21 - April 19 are told wrongly that their sign is in Aries, being wrong both about the correct astronomical possition and the prevalent zodiac. We can clearly see the error, when the spring equinox precession is actually not over Aquarius but at the end of Pisces constellation. Therefore, there's a debate about ages and sytems of organisation. However, modern technologies can identify astronomical possitions exactly. Why does it matter? With correct calculations, a better and more harmonious world is possible.

We believe, people will see the utility of astrology and their role in the Divine Being. Pottentially, it would make the Worlds more interconnected, interesting and equitable.

However, the problem is that 98% of people probably never drafted their astrogram using accurate scientific data. Why is it important? Things like: physicality, education, relations, career, compatibility, health, longevity, remedies, healing can be seen using a correct astrogram.
It helps any event-planning, self-understanding and self-development.
Even countries/corporations can use astrograms for practical use.
We can verify and help people, in all ways, when and where they need. We can use the brute forces of cosmic energy, for improvement of life, free from ignorance and chaos.

Educated and responsible individuals are vital for any enterprise. Progress and happiness on planet Earth is dependat on educated and responsible individuals. 
Life is a never-ending cycle, just changing it's forms. And if Heaven&Hell would exist, they would be parallel universes of our present on this planet.
We are on a mission to help individuals understand, we all have a soul, we are all interconnected!  Life and cosmos, Life and nature , Life and ourselves are a mirror of consciouness manifesting into froms and energy. God must be found within us, and within the Creation that manifests virtues and compassion, by every day choices.

Incomplete traditions and errors in calculations have led billions of people to distrust astrology. In fact 95% of people are completely ignorant that they have a personal astrogram. As the planet moves, during a day, the ascendants (the constellation rising on horizon) change every hour and at different time zones. Can you see the mistake? How can everyone born on same day have same sign?...or same minute but different location same chart? They can't! Even twins born minutes apart and looking the same, will get specific charts different (there's a total of 108). There are specific charts for health, marriage, spouse, career, education etc. Also in Vedic method, there is a system of 27 smaller constellations over which the Moon is transiting every month, conferring specific characteristics vital for planning and compatibility. It is a beautiful complex system, ever-changing and acting along with us, with every breath. ASTROGAM wants to change the tides, and have 95% of people using their personal astral chart.

In astrology, the minute of birth is the moment we receive the Light of Life with a personal astrogram which unfolds our karma, gifts and destiny. God created Light first. Indeed, can any life or dynamics be possible without the Stars. On Earth, life and all activity depends on the Sun and the Moon.  Nanophysics has proved, that every second and everywhere, we are bombarded with invisible particles even transparently crossing our bodies. This is not religion, this is science!  Astrology is a science and the future of personal development. A science which can help us see, feel, understand and empower. Astrology is the science that shows the Omnipresence and Universal Consciousness connecting all the physical and spiritual laws and forces. As above so below, as within so without. 
We can email your exact astrogram and zodiac. We can show how it can help.

Please engage on our social media channels and if you want to support this project you can do it via the educational charity Comunison RC. You can also tell your friends, connect and start a discussion.
Your privacy is priority. Your details are not passed to anyone and will be used only for astrological calculations and confidential communication.

Thank you for your interest and time.


It's about your soul... a Universe potential is within you! 
All souls are dressed in stardust...inspired and transforming within the Spirit of Life!

Astrogram is your
cosmic passport

Astrogram is showing the stellar map of your life, of the journey your soul will have in this incarnation. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. It affects you, just like the race, culture or citizenship. You are born with it. It's obvious life on Earth would not be possible without the Sun, the Moon or the stars! We all are souls dressed in stardust!

Use it for
effective planning

Astrogram is your best mirror when it comes to self-development, carreer progression and personal health protection. It is also a great guide to romantic compatibility, sexuality, marriage, bussiness and project management.
At every age and every karmic period you undergo, it's your intimate guide.

Know the lucky
and difficult days

Astrogram is giving you a personal tiktok timer by which you can know and expect your good and difficult days. Every individual has a personal astrological schedule/week, based on their own vedic constellation. Knowing it, you know when to do or not do things and how to maximise your potential.